'Toy Story 3' Meets 'Lost' In New Must-Watch Video

Toy Story 3The ending of this summer's "Toy Story 3" was so poignant, so well-done and so moving, we improving it in any way seemed utterly impossible. It was perfect. But apparently, even perfection can be perfected.

A new video of one of the film's final scenes -- the one in which Woody, Buzz and co. find themselves in fiery junkyard peril -- ditches the Randy Newman-composed score in favor of Michael Giacchino's super-emotional "Lost" theme. The result is a clip so powerful it'd reduce the entire cast of "The Expendables" to a blubbering mess. Check it out after the jump.

As diehard Pixar films might be aware, superimposing Giacchino's music on the scene is strangely fitting. The composer made the big leap from video game scoring to feature-film scoring with 2004's Pixar hit "The Incredibles," and has since composed the music for the studio's "Ratatouille" and "Up," for which he won an Oscar, as well as the upcoming "Cars 2." The "Toy Story" movies have always been Randy Newman's domain, but we're still glad to have gotten a peek at what "Toy Story 3" might have been like with a Giacchino score. We're thinking Lotso may have had to be renamed "The Bear in Black," though.

Does the "Lost" score improve this "Toy Story 3" scene? And does it make you miss the TV show? Tell us in the comments!