Jane Lynch, Danny Trejo And Donald Glover Join 'The Muppets' Movie; Lady Gaga Cameo Rumored

Lady Gaga kisses Kermit the FrogLittle did we know that "The Muppets" movie had the ability to summon one of the most impressive comedic casts we've seen in a while. Jason Segel was already set to star in the flick, but now TheWrap has news that Jane Lynch is set to come on board along with "Communitys"'s Donald Glover and "Machetes"'s Danny Trejo.

Add that to the rumors that Lady Gaga would be getting a cameo with John Krasinski, Ed Helms and Eric Stonestreet as her entourage, and we're officially excited for this project.

The plot follows diehard Muppet fan Gary (Segel) and his non-Muppet puppet roommate Walter as they set out on a quest to reunite Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang to try to prevent the closure of the original Muppet Theater. Apparently, somewhere along the way Miss Piggy transforms into a Lady Gaga-esque character (which explains the rumored cameo). Lynch will be playing a prison guard, and Trejo will be her prisoner. Glover's role remains unspecified. How these two story lines will tie together, we have no idea.

"Flight of the Concord"'s James Bobin is directing the script written by Segel and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" co-scribe Nicolas Stoller. Segel and Stoller have made some eccentric but hilarious films in the past, so we have faith that no matter how crazy "The Muppets" film -- and casting -- gets, they'll be able to pull it all together.

Does this casting news make you more interested in "The Muppets"?

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