Exclusive! Baby Darth Maul And Sexy Princess Leia Prints From 'Star Wars Art: Visions' Book

Darth MaulIn 1977, "Star Wars" introduced moviegoers to a whole new galaxy (far, far away) of mammoth spacecrafts, endearing Ewoks, life-like androids, exotic planets, vile Sith Lords and heroic Jedi Knights. The movie and its sequels revolutionized filmmaking as we know it, captivated generations of fans, and inspired countless pop-culture references, homages and copycats.

And now, "Star Wars" has inspired a whole bookful of original art. Just as George Lucas based his visual plan for the "Star Wars" universe on the works of N. C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell, he's invited more than 100 well-know and up-and-coming artists -- including, Moebius, Alex Ross and Jamie Wyeth -- to take their inspiration from the worlds and characters he has created. The result is "Star Wars Art: Visions," a book from Abrams/Lucasfilm of never-before-seen original "Star Wars" art that sheds a whole new light on Luke, Leia, Han, Vader, Anakin, Padme and the universe they inhabit. It's a must-have for any diehard "Wars" fan and any art enthusiast.

Hit the jump for an exclusive look at two of the book's most unique pieces of artwork: one depicting a very serene baby Darth Maul (I crap you not), the other offering a new take on an iconic image of Princess Leia.

Darth Maul

The above piece, titled "Dawn of Maul" was conceived and executed by Will Wilson. "I had kind of a dream of the red baby kind of writhing around in a cradle of eels. And I woke up and told my wife... I said, 'I want to paint Darth Maul as a baby,'" said Wilson in a behind-the-scenes video about the making of the book. And, yes, Baby Maul is holding up the universal sign language symbol for love, a subtle nod to the dichotomy of the Force. "I just wanted it to be disturbing," said the artist. Mission accomplished.

Princess Leia

"Princess Leia," by Daniel E Greene, N.A., is a special print that is not in the regular version of the book. It and four other prints, all signed by the artists responsible for them, will only be available as part of a limited edition.

"Star Wars Art: Visions," edited by J.W. Rinzler, with a foreword by George Lucas, is available now in a galaxy/bookstore close, close to you.

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