Have Weird Legal Woes? Jason Schwartzman And Josh Horowitz: Attorneys-At-Law Can Help!

Through MTV's series of "After Hours" videos, host Josh Horowitz has always sought to help viewers become better, happier, more productive people. He's teamed with "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star Russell Brand for a very interesting lesson in manners, enlisted the help of "The Other Guys" Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg to demonstrate what NOT to do with sharp knives, and even illustrated the proper way to respond to getting stuck on an escalator with director M. Night Shyamalan and a clothing-averse Penthouse Pet.

Josh's latest video, filmed with "Jason Schwartzman, aims to help you with any strange legal woes that may currently be chapping your hindquarters.

Charged with bestiality, coveting thy neighbor's wife, or any range of other crimes? Dumbass grandpa doesn't know how to use the Internet? "Schwartzman & Horowitz: Attorneys-At-Law" are your guys.

They've got Internet access, two interns willing to work some days of the week and plenty of experience collaborating with people who have played lawyers on TV and in the movies. Check out their commercial above... and just try to resist calling them for your legal needs.

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