Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank And Ashton Kutcher Resolve To Join 'New Year's Eve'

Ashton KutcherIt's not every day audiences get to see Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Hilary Swank acting opposite Ashton Kutcher, Abigail Breslin and Lea Michele. But that's exactly what's likely to happen in "New Year's Eve." Gary Marshall's thematic follow-up to this year's "Valentine's Day" has plans to blow the previous film's ridiculous number of stars out of the water, and is already well on its way to doing so.

Breslin and Michele have already been announced, but today The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that De Niro, Pfeiffer, Swank and Kutcher are in negotiations for roles as well. And you can toss Hector Elizondo into the mix, too, because Marshall previously told MTV that the "Pretty Woman" actor "has to be in all my movies."

The film will follow an ensemble of New Yorkers dealing with romantic issues on New Year's Eve, much like "Valentine's Day" did with its characters on that film's title holiday. De Niro will play a bitter dying man in a hospital, Pfeiffer a frustrated executive secretary who decides to work on her unfulfilled resolutions from the previous New Year, Swank a producer of the Times Square New Years Eve show (kind of like Kathy Bates's character in the previous film) and Kutcher a guy who just generally loathes New Year's Eve.

It's unclear whether Kutcher, who was a major character in "Valentine's Day" as well, will play the same character he did in the previous film. It seems unlikely because that would mean Jennifer Garner would also have to come on board, considering they had a happily ever after in the last movie. Marshall had said before that the film is "supposed to be a similar cast of a number of stars. It's written like that, but we hope to get all new stars except for Hector Elizondo."

Is "New Year's Eve" a cinematic resolution you can get behind?