Harrison Ford Says 'Indiana Jones 5' Is 'On George Lucas's Plate'

Harrison Ford talks Indiana Jones 5There are basically four schools of thought when it comes to making "Indiana Jones 5." One: It's an awesome idea because "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was rad and more Indy is always a good thing. Two: It's necessary because "Crystal Skull" was sort of a letdown and Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas deserve a chance to give Dr. Jones a proper sendoff. Three: It's not advisable because "Crystal Skull" was the aforementioned letdown. Four: It's a bad idea because "Indy 4" was the perfect swan song.

Regardless of how fans feel about the prospect of "Indiana Jones 5," however, the reality is that the movie whipped up $786 million worldwide... making a fifth installment all but a foregone conclusion. Plus, the 68-year-old Ford is just itching to don Indy's iconic fedora one more time, as he told MTV News MTV News at the press junket for his new comedy "Morning Glory," in theaters November 10.

"It's on George's plate," Ford said of an Indy sequel. "And I'm hoping he's working hard at it, because I'd look forward to doing it again if the three of us could get together -- George, [director] Steven Spielberg, myself -- I'd love to do another."

But despite his enthusiasm for the project, Ford politely declined to reveal any potential story lines. "I'm not at liberty to tell you what I know and what I don't know," he grinned.

Rumors have held that a fifth installment would take Ford's Indy and his newly discovered son Mutt (Shia LaBeouf) to the Bermuda Triangle. There has yet to be any corroboration on this intel, but LaBeouf has at least revealed his feelings on proposed "Indiana Jones 5" story. "I got called into Steven's office, and he pitched a little bit to me and it sounds crazy," LaBeouf said this summer. "It sounds really cool."

As for when Indy will be cracking his whip on the big screen again, Ford said he has no clue about the timetable -- but fingers crossed it won't be the 19 years that passed between "The Last Crusade" and "Crystal Skull." "[There's] no timeline. While I'm alive, I hope," Ford laughed. "It'll be better for everybody."

Would you like to see "Indiana Jones 5," or was "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" a good way for Indy to go out? Tell us in the comments!