'Hall Pass' Trailer: Owen Wilson And Jason Sudeikis' Wives Give Them Free Reign To Pick Up Chicks

Hall PassThe Farelly brothers' gigantic cast for "Hall Pass" didn't stop anyone from cutting the new comedy down into a traditional trailer. That trailer is now ready to walk out into public and see if the guys who made "There's Something About Mary," "Kingpin" and "Dumb & Dumber" can return to form with a movie that fundamentally feels like they set out to make a version of "The Hangover" where everyone's already married.

Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis handle the two lead roles in this tale about husbands whose wives give them a temporary "hall pass" to do whatever they want (i.e. bed as many women as possible) before resuming their regularly scheduled married lives. Jenna Fischer, Richard Jenkins, Christina Applegate and Alyssa Milano join them on screen, and the new trailer doesn't spotlight many success stories. Check out the trailer after the jump.

If "Hall Pass" really does turn out to be "The Hangover" with all married guys, this trailer also makes it look like we may be getting "The Hangover" with a big gaping hole where all sense of real danger (most of which was thanks to Zach Galifianakis' character) used to be.

The problems Wilson and Sudeikis' characters encounter here seem to be the worst-case types of scenarios that a couple of guys playing golf at a country club might laugh about, with the ante only upped when they contemplate venturing up the road to a brand-name bar and grill that they've never been to before.

If the Farrelly brothers succeed in making a new comedy masterpiece from these mundane settings, "Hall Pass" could be a "Harold and Kumar" tale for 40-somethings, or it may just be exactly what you expect: good for a few chuckles and fond memories of the first time you saw "Dumb & Dumber."

What's your prediction? Is "Hall Pass" going to deliver the laughs? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!