Tom Cruise Dangles From The World's Tallest Building For 'Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol' Stunt

Tom CruiseLook! Up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's... Tom Cruise?

That's right. This weekend, the ballsy actor proved once again that when it comes to sacking up for crazy movie stunts, there's no one more game than he is. On October 30, Cruise strapped on a harness to scale Dubai's Burj Khalifa skyscraper, which, at 2,717 feet, is the world's tallest building ever. Of course, Cruise wasn't doing it for sh--s and giggles (though we do get the sense he relishes stuff like this); the stunt is part of what promises to be a fairly awesome action sequence in the upcoming "Mission: Impossible" sequel, "Ghost Protocol."

The photo above offers a taste of just how high up Cruise was dangling -- he was hanging from the building's observation deck on the 124th floor -- but The Daily Mail has a few others to really get your jaw dropping. Our favorite is the close-up of Cruise from inside the building. It offers a true sense of just how much the guy is enjoying himself.

While onlookers may have been surprised to see Tom Cruise -- or anyone, for that matter -- hanging from a rope about a quarter of a mile up, Cruise did warn us about the stunt. In a press conference last week, Cruise informed those present that he'd be "spending many days [and] many hours on the side of [the Burj Khalifa]. I can't give details, but I will be up there."

Says a spokeswoman for the actor: "Tom has been preparing for the stunt for some time. He believes if he performs the stunts himself, the audience believes more in his character." Mission accomplished, Tom. Mission accomplished.

What do you think of Cruise's stunt? Would you ever hang from the Burj Khalifa -- or any buidling? Tell us in the comments!