Hugh Jackman, Aaron Sorkin And Danny Elfman Teaming For 'Houdini' Broadway Musical

Hugh JackmanIf you dug "The Prestige," are a fan of Hugh Jackman and get giddy about Broadway musicals, then you're going to love this news.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jackman is going to be starring in the Broadway musical "Houdini" as the famed magician. What makes the project even more epic? It's being written by Aaron Sorkin and composed by Tim Burton's go-to guy Danny Elfman.

"Right now Aaron Sorkin is writing," Elfman told EW. "He's writing away, and we all have high hopes that Aaron's going to come through and do some good stuff." We should hope, considering Sorkin is likely to get an Oscar nod for his work on "The Social Network."

But while progress is being made on the musical, it doesn't look like it will be ready for Broadway any time soon. "I've written music on and off for two years already," he said. "It's such a different process [from my film scoring work]. For me, it's taking forever. But other people say, 'Oh, no, you've only been on that a couple of years, that's nothing!'"

The first reading of the script is scheduled for January, and Elfman said he doesn't expect the musical to hit Broadway until 2012 (though EW said they'd expect that date to be moved up if the script reading goes well). Still, it's an interesting combination of roles for Jackman, who played a very Houdini-esque character in "The Prestige" and who clearly loves musicals: He brought the house down with a great performance at the 81st Academy Awards and is already attached to a film musical about circus legend P.T. Barnum called "The Greatest Show On Earth."

In any case, hopefully Jackman will be able to rock some sideburns for "Houdini," since by the time it does hit the stage he'll probably be preparing for the inevitable "Wolverine 3."

Is this a musical that you would go see? What do you think of the combination of Jackman, Elfman and Sorkin on a musical?