Leonardo DiCaprio To Play A Serial Killer In 'Devil In The White City' Adaptation

Leonardo DiCaprioMove over Hannibal Lecter, there's a new serial killer coming to town, and he's going to have the far less intimidating baby face of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Deadline is reporting that DiCaprio has picked up the rights to the adaptation of Erik Larson's "The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness At The Fair That Changed America" and is planning on playing one of the film's two leads, Dr. H.H. Holmes, who is America's first documented serial killer.

The nonfiction book, which was released in 2003, takes place in Chicago when the city is hosting the World's Fair of 1893. It entwines the lives of Daniel Burnham, the architect who laboriously built the World's Fair, and Holmes, who build a hotel near the World's Fair grounds and used it to lure somewhere between 27 and 200 victims to their death. With all the heavy roles DiCaprio has been choosing, from "Shutter Island" to "Hoover," I'm personally glad that he chose to play the character of Holmes and not Burnham.

Prepare yourselves for a grisly flick, though. When constructing his World's Fair Hotel, dubbed the "Murder Castle," the cunning and charming Holmes used different builders so only he would understand the intricacies of the building. That's why the end result had over 100 windowless rooms, doorways opening to brick walls, stairways to nowhere and doorways that could only be opened from the outside, as well as a gas chamber, dissection table and crematorium. When he was eventually caught, Holmes confessed to 27 murders, nine of which were confirmed, but it is assumed that he caused the death of closer to 200 mostly female victims.

It definitely will be a step into darker territory for DiCaprio, who has been interested in playing Holmes since "The Devil in the White City" was first released. Maybe once he finishes filming this flick, he'll be ready for a hearty comedy or straight-up action flick instead of continuing his streak of increasingly dark roles. Can't you just see a DiCaprio-Adam Sandler buddy comedy?

Are you excited to see DiCaprio play a serial killer? Do you think it's about time he makes a happy movie? Tell us in the comments!