'TRON: Legacy' Sneak Peek: 20 Minutes Of Footage Shows 3-D Awesomeness, Disc Wars And Jeff Bridges

TRON: LegacyIf you're among the "TRON" fans itching to re-enter "The Grid" on December 17 when "TRON: Legacy" hits theaters, we've got some stellar news for you: MTV was in attendance last night when Disney offered a sneak peek at 20+ minutes of footage from the film... and it did not disappoint. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Fans and members of the press were treated to five scenes, some in 3-D and some not, all from the first half of the film. First up was a 2-D scene that starts out the apartment of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), son to long-missing software developer Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges)... who'll you should remember as the guy who got sucked into and trapped inside his own video game in the 1982 original. Fans seemed pretty pumped when Bruce Boxleitner, reprising his role as Kevin's good pal Alan Bradley, popped up to tell Sam he just received a mysterious page from Kevin's old arcade that could have only come from Kevin himself. Sam goes to check it out and -- shocker -- gets himself sucked into the game as well.

And that's when the 3-D fun commences in earnest. We got a scene in which Sam is taken aboard a red craft, told he will be involved in "games," is stripped of his clothes by a quartet of beautiful women (poor guy), clothed in a black athletic suit and told, you know, to survive.

Cut to: the disc wars! Sam stands in the middle of the stadium, a disc in hand but no clue what the hell to do with it... that is, until his opponent throws his. Three-dimensional awesomeness ensues.

In the next scene, Sam and a helmeted figure escape from the stadium in a four-wheeler. Once clear, the figure is revealed to be the always gorgeous Olivia Wilde, playing Quorra, Kevin Flynn's Grid pal and confidant.

In the fifth scene, Quorra and Sam arrive at a safe house and, wouldn't you know it, Kevin Flynn is just chilling there on the floor meditating!

We won't ruin the scenes by going into any more detail, but take solace in the fact that the 3-D looks amazing, the action is pumping with adrenalin, the story promises to be quite gripping and the audience was cheering like it was Game 7 of the World Series. In other words, we can't wait to get our "TRON" full-on this December.