Charlize Theron To Play The Evil Queen In 'Snow White And The Huntsman'?

Charlize TheronIt seems like a little "Mad Max: Fury Road" reunion is going on in the casting department of "Snow White and the Huntsman." JustJared got the scoop that Charlize Theron is being courted to appear in the upcoming adaptation of the classic fairy tale opposite Tom Hardy, her intended co-star from the now-delayed "Mad Max." Theron would play Ravenna, the evil witch who sends a bounty hunter (Hardy) to retrieve the escaped Snow White.

When Hardy was announced as the potential lead earlier this week, the rumor was that Angelina Jolie was being looked at for the role of Ravenna. But considering she hasn't stayed attached to any project for long lately and is intently focusing on her Bosnian-set directorial debut, it's not surprising that the filmmakers behind "Snow White" reevaluated their options.

The flick is set to start filming in early 2011 under director Rupert Sanders. Unlike Hardy, Theron has a pretty clear schedule for early next year after she finishes filming Jason Reitman's latest, "Young Adult." The actress, who's been great in everything from the brutal drama of "Monster" to the daffy comedy of "Arrested Development," definitely deserves to have some fun in these roles, and actually seems like the perfect fit to play the evil queen. It's unclear whether her character is supposed to look like the Disney animated version, but with a name like "Ravenna" we have a feeling this is one witch who will be utterly bewitching.

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