What Is The Best Horror Movie Of All Time? Vote In Our Halloween Poll!

HalloweenHalloween is nigh, folks, and that means it's time to strip naked, paint yourself blue and go trick-or-treating as one of those Na'vi people from "Avatar." Or you could not shower for a couple days, grow out a homeless-man beard and celebrate the holiday by paying homage to Joaquin Phoenix's "I'm Still Here" alter-ego. Or, if you feel weird doing any of that, Halloween is also a fantastic time to dig out your favorite scary DVDs for a horror movie marathon.

But what will you watch? John Carpenter's original "Halloween"? Wes Craven's insomnia-inducing "A Nightmare on Elm Street"? Or something a little more current, like a "Paranormal Activity" or "Saw 37"?

Horror fans are a very particular bunch, loyally devoted to the films they love and willing to vehemently argue the cause for why their favorite slasher, thriller or scary movie is the best of all time. So, rather than slap up a top-10 list of our own favorite horror flicks -- thus giving everyone the opportunity to rip us apart Freddy Krueger/Jason Vorhees/Michael Myers-style -- we're simply going to let you guys duke it out amongst yourselves. So vote for your favorite scary movie of all time in our poll, and then hit the comments to make a case for WHY it's the most terrifying, gory and downright bloody awesome movie ever!

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Favorite horror movie didn't make it into the poll? Tell us why it's the best in the comments!