'Scream 4' Director Wes Craven Reveals His Favorite Horror Movies Of All Time

Wes Craven has written, directed, produced and generally created some of the most terrifying, bloody and entertaining horror films in cinematic history. He's the man who dreamed up "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (and its pepperoni-faced, knife-fingered killer Freddy Krueger), made us fear the "Swamp Thing" and never want to enter "The Last House on the Left," and teamed with writer Kevin Williamson to reinvent the horror genre with the "Scream" franchise.

MTV caught up with Craven a little while back to talk about his latest flick "My Soul to Take" and his eagerly anticipated next film "Scream 4"; with Halloween approaching, we couldn't resist asking the scary-movie-making legend which horror movies are his all-time favorites.

"Well, this one," Craven laughed. "'My Soul to Take' really is -- I sound like I'm shilling my movie -- really is I think semi-autobiographical, it's very original, it's something I'm very proud of because it's not just repeating what I've done in the past. That one I like a lot."

With that pitch for his movie out of the way, he got down to business. "There's a lot of my other films, but I won't just talk about my films," he smiled. "'The Exorcist' was extremely scary for me watching it. 'Texas Chainsaw [Massacre]' was always a favorite. 'Let the Right One In' the original film was very scary -- I haven't seen the new one yet. Oh gosh, there's so many, so many. There's good horror films out there."

Do you share Craven's fondness for these films? Share your picks for the scariest movies of all time in the comments!