Six Degrees of LeVar Burton: Why He's The Nexus Of The Horror Movie Unvierse

LeVar BurtonHalloween is the time for the giving of candy, the getting of candy, the stashing away of candy to be nibbled before bed and upon rising. Or, as some might suggest, Halloween is the time for the buying of shots, the guzzling of shots, the... oh, you get the point.

However you plan to celebrate this most devilish of holidays, MTV News has got an early treat as you prep your costumes and stock up on Pepto, because we've made one truly great discovery — a unifying pop culture theory: "Star Trek" and "Roots" star LeVar Burton is at the center of the horror universe.

Trust us, we didn't want to believe it either, but it's true: Every great horror villain is no less than six degrees of separation away from LeVar (in much the same that Kevin Bacon is connected to, um, everyone). Allow us to explain.

Let's say you start with Michael Myers of "Halloween" infamy, and then you pass right through Jamie Lee Curtis and Gwen Van Dam (who also appeared in "Star Trek: Generations"), well, then you run right into LeVar the "Trek" star. Or say you're face-to-face with Leatherface, you turn around, cut right past one-time "Texas Chainsaw" star Dennis Hopper and "Reach for Me"'s Seymour Cassel, and who do you run into? LeVar! Scary, right? Like, chills. Connect the dots for yourself and you won't be able hide from the truth: Chucky leads to Katherine Heigl, who leads to Ron Perlman, who leads to LeVar. Boom!

We don't know what else to say other than that we're entering a brave new world filled with a terrifying knowledge. Try to enjoy those mini-Snickers and Jägerbombs now... now that you know LeVar Burton is inextricably tied to every iconic horror villain ever created. Check out the handy chart below to see how LeVar is the glue that holds the horror-verse together.

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