Michael J. Fox And Lea Thompson On The Impact Of 'Back To The Future,' Getting Hit On By Young Fans

Going "Back to the Future" seems to have paid off for both Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson: 25 years after the time-travel comedy became a worldwide sensation and the highest-grossing movie of 1985, the stars are still amazed by the impact the film had back then... and still has today.

At a recent event to celebrate the release of the "Back to the Future" Trilogy 25th Anniversary Collection on DVD and Blu-ray, Fox told MTV News that while he doesn't remember "large chunks" of making the film -- he was also starring in "Family Ties" at the time and was thus working 20-hour days -- he does remember what happened when the movie hit theaters. "I was away in England when it opened," he said. "And I was getting these calls from the States saying, 'You have no idea how big this is.' And when I came back, it was a different world."

Thompson, meanwhile, marveled that she's now getting recognized by a whole new generation of fans. "It's kind of crazy, you know. I see these kids and they're like, 'Oh my God -- you're Lorraine McFly! And you're so hot!' And I'm like, 'You were -10 when I made this movie. That's so cool!'"

As for the movie's continued appeal, Thompson said: "I think that it endures like this and that people still love it keeps being a surprise to me, year after year. The younger and younger kids still seeing this movie and recognizing me because they aged me to my age. I have to go, 'I'm Lorraine old AND young.'"

Where does "Back to the Future" rank on your list of all-time favorite movies? And did you see it in the theater or discover it on VHS or DVD? Tell us in the comments!