Tim Burton And Danny Elfman Chat About 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' In An Exclusive Clip!

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Ever since their first collaboration on 1985's "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman have established themselves as one of Hollywood's most perfect pairings. This holiday season, Warner Bros. Records will commemorate their prolific partnership with the release of "The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box," a massive collection of the duo's 13 scores together, featuring more than 19 hours of music, an exclusive DVD, and a long list of rare audio, video and collectible material.

Later this week Splash Page will feature a rare interview with Elfman discussing his work on projects like 1990's "Batman," but Warner Bros. Records has also provided MTV News with an exclusive clip of Elfman and Burton reflecting on "The Nightmare Before Christmas," one of the many projects featured in the 25th Anniversary Music Box. In the clip, the award-winning composer explains why he identified so well with the film's skeletal hero.

"['Nightmare'] probably reminded me more of your days in clubs and the certain type of music you were doing," Burton told Elfman. "To me, that always seemed like the clearest thing to you in a way — something that was just inside of you for a long time." Read more about Burton and Elfman's "Nightmare Before Christmas" conversations on Splash Page!