Tom Hardy Eyes 'Snow White And The Huntsman'; Angelina Jolie Wanted For Villain Role?

Tom HardyIs there any young actor more in demand than Tom Hardy right now? Maybe, but it sure doesn't feel like it. He got the lead role in "Mad Max: Fury Road" before he became the surprise star of "Inception," and now that that project has been delayed, he's had plenty of free time to start piling on the roles. And boy he has.

His latest potential starring vehicle is the hot new action-adventure flick "Snow White and the Huntsman," with Hardy circling to play the Huntsman while Angelina Jolie is being eyed for the role of the evil queen Ravenna. The Playlist got the scoop that Hardy is looking to fit filming of this in early next year after he wraps McG's "This Means War" and before he starts on "Batman 3," in which he's expected to play a villain.

On top of that, Hardy also will be filming the British Cold War spy thriller "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy," and he also is being eyed to star in the "Total Recall" reboot, though fingers crossed that Colin Farrell gets that one (come on, Tom Hardy has enough). It will be a nimble scheduling game to get Hardy on board for "Snow White," but as long as the film starts in early 2011 he should be able to squeeze it in.

The Playlist has read the script and said that it is "actually very strong, one of the better action-adventure scripts we've read in a while. It's faithful to the fairy tale, beat-for-beat, but manages to remain fresh and surprising in a way that, say, Burton's film didn't. And Hardy's role, as Eric, the huntsman haunted by the death of his wife at the hands of a white wolf, is a doozy -- tragic, heroic but with enough roguish charm to play to his strengths -- and should see him move even further up the A-list." Sounds like an awesome -- and fun -- role for Hardy, but since it's unlikely he'll drop "Batman 3" to film this instead, we hope scheduling all falls into place.

Are you glad to see Tom Hardy getting all these roles? Is this a film you're looking forward to?