'The Next Three Days' EXCLUSIVE Photos: Elizabeth Banks And Russell Crowe Run For Their Lives

The Next Three DaysWhat is a normal guy supposed to do when his beloved wife and the mother of his child is sentenced to 20 years in prison for a murder she claims she didn't commit? For Russell Crowe in the thriller "The Next Three Days," that answer is simple: break her out of prison.

Of course, this is Robin Hood and Maximus Decimus Meridius we're talking about, so it's easy to believe that Crowe could go from an average Joe living it Pittsburgh to the architect of an intricate and daring escape from a maximum security prison. With Elizabeth Banks playing Crowe's wife and "Crash" Oscar winner Paul Haggis directing, the film's got a stellar pedigree. Add to that the fact that it's based on the acclaimed French film "Pour Elle," has a supporting cast that includes Liam Neeson, Brian Dennehey and Olivia Wilde, and boasts one heck of a gripping trailer... and we're liking its chances to do well as counter-programming to "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" when it hits theaters on November 19.

Check out two exclusive photos -- one of Banks and Crowe on the lam, and another of Haggis doing his directing thing -- from "The Next Three Days" after the jump!

Elizabeth Banks and Russell Crowe in The Next Three Days

Paul Haggis directs The Next Three Days

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