Is Robert Downey Jr. Losing 'Gravity'?

Robert Downey Jr.It's been a rough year for "Gravity." Everything started out so promising with the casting of Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey Jr.. The movie was expected to film over the summer, but then things turned south when Jolie dropped the project in August and the film clamored for a female lead. Finally, earlier this month, Sandra Bullock became attached to the female lead, but now Deadline is reporting that RDJ may have to leave "Gravity" as well due to scheduling conflicts.

Right now we're still at "rumor" stage, and Deadline emphasized that Warner Bros. executives are denying Downey's departure. Still, considering he planned on filming "Gravity" over the summer, is now getting his sleuth on filming "Sherlock Holmes 2" and is attached to a number of other project's including Sam Raimi's "Oz the Great and Powerful," his busy movie schedule sounds like it could cause some major conflicts. It would be a big setback for the project, but fortunately it would be a lot easier to replace Downey as the male supporting role than it was to fill the lead female role. The film follows two astronauts who are the only survivors after their space station is destroyed by space debris. Bullock is playing the female lead who is hell-bent on returning to Earth so she can be reunited with her daughter, while Downey was set to play her co-pilot. Should Downey be forced to leave the project, we have a couple actors in mind that would make very suitable co-pilots for Bullock.

Ryan Reynolds

This would be Ryan Reynolds and Bullock's third film together (">"The Proposal" stars are already attached to co-star in "Most Wanted"), but for the first time it wouldn't be in a romantic comedy. Reynolds is one of the hottest male actors in Hollywood right now, and is well suited to genre flicks. Plus, it'd be nice to see how he and Bullock feed off each other in a dramatic setting.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm just needs to be in more films. He has done sci-fi and fantasy with "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and the forthcoming "Sucker Punch," but the "Mad Men" star has yet to have that big-screen breakthrough (though he was good on "The Town"). Four words: Don Draper in space.

George Clooney

Sure he had a similar role in "Solaris," but so what?! George Clooney has been playing cool, calm and collected too much for us recently, so we'd like to see him a little bit outside of his comfort zone. Clooney is a great asset to any project, and it would be interesting to see him sit back and let Bullock run the show. Plus we never thought we'd see the day when Bullock and Clooney were in a film together... and she was the lead.

Do you think another actor would be able to appropriately replace Robert Downey Jr. in "Gravity"?