Matt Damon Not Pscyhed For Bourne-Less 'Bourne' Sequel

Matt Damon in The Bourne UltimatumBy now, pretty much everyone and their mother has heard that there is going to be a fourth installment in the "Bourne" franchise and that, even though it will be called "The Bourne Legacy," there won't be anyone named Bourne in the actual movie.

That's right -- no Jason Bourne and no Matt Damon. There will be a whole lot of Tony Gilroy, however: He co-wrote the first three "Bourne" films, is co-writing and directing "Legacy," and says that the new film (or, more likely, films) will "expand the mythology" of the series, focusing on one or more new brainwashed assassins... and eventually pave the way for the return of Damon's Bourne somewhere down the line.

Here's the funny thing: Apparently, no one bothered to run any of this by Damon.

"I found out they're making another when somebody saw it on the Internet. Nobody bothered to call me," Damon told Parade in an interview to promote his supernatural drama "Hereafter" (now in theaters). "I'm not in it, but even so, they'll work 'Bourne' into the title I guess. Universal just wants to call everything the 'Bourne' something. So I guess they are trying to make another franchise and as they say, 'It isn't over until it's over.'"

Sounds like Damon is a bit miffed that he had to find out about the "Bourne" four-quel on the Internet just like everyone else. And why wouldn't he be? His portrayal of the titular amnesiac spy was crucial to making the franchise a critical and box-office success. And, although he has been public in saying he would only do another "Bourne" film if "Supremacy" and "Ultimatum" director Paul Greengrass were on board, he never completely ruled out returning to the franchise.

Luckily, it's doubtful that this snub will stick a fork in Damon's involvement in the "Bourne"-iverse. Damon has always gravitated toward high-caliber projects and has never seemed like the type to hold a grudge; if the timing is right and the script is good enough, it's a safe bet that someday he will be Bourne again.

Will you still see a "Bourne" movie if Matt Damon isn't in it? And do you think he'll ever return to the franchise? Tell us in the comments!