'Paranormal Activity 2' Poll: What Did You Think?

Paranormal Activity 2It was a scary good weekend for Paramount Pictures and its horror sequel "Paranormal Activity 2." Made for a modest $3 million, the film set records for the biggest R-rated midnight opening ever and the biggest R-rated opening night ever en route to terrorizing the weekend box office to the tune of $41.5 million and a No. 1 B.O. ranking. But did the movie live up to the hype and high fan expectations?

The rabid fans that MTV interviewed after early midnight screenings seemed to think so. They called it "really scary," "better than the first one," "ten times scarier than the first one" and "worse than the first one, but good ... in a good way." Now that you've seen "Paranormal Activity," do you agree? Take the poll after the jump and let us know!

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