Liam Neeson's 'Hangover 2' Cameo Already In The Can?

Liam NeesonIn a quick turn of events by Hollywood standards, Liam Neeson has reportedly gone from rumored Mel Gibson-replacement on Friday to shooting his cameo in "The Hangover 2" in L.A. this past Sunday. Deadline broke the news that Neeson would be shooting his scene so quickly, presumably playing the Bangkok tattoo artist role Gibson was attached to.

On Friday, we talked about we hoped Neeson would get the cameo instead of the also rumored Robin Williams and Kurt Russell. The man certainly has a sense of humor (tell me "Release the Kraken!" isn't the most quoted line of 2010), but we've never seen him be a total nutjob in a comedy before.

It will be interesting to see how Neeson plays the role. He could be surprisingly gentle and vulnerable likeJames Franco, the drug dealer in "Pineapple Express" (wouldn't that be a sight to behold), or he could be completely unhinged (which is how we'll assume Gibson would have played it). Considering he was reportedly able to shoot his scenes in just one day, Neeson probably has a similarly sized cameo to the one Mike Tyson did in the first "Hangover" flick... and hopefully it's just as funny.

But since this whole cameo business became such big news last week -- as Gibson was announced and then rejected as a candidate, and now Neeson has so publicly replaced him -- is there some hope that maybe there will be another surprise cameo snuck into the film? Don't worry, we have plenty of suggestions.

After all, it wasn't just that Tyson's tiger-loving self-portrayal was so funny that made it such a high point of the film; it was that it was somewhat unexpected. And since we already know about Neeson and are all going to be bracing ourselves for a naked man jumping out of the trunk every time a car is shown on screen, it would be nice for there so be some awesome surprise in "The Hangover 2" as well. May we suggest a Mel Gibson cameo? No one would see that coming.

Do you think Neeson will be a good addition to "The Hangover 2"?