'The Thing' Stars Joel Edgerton And Eric Christian Olsen Say Prequel Won't Be 'Spring Break Version'

Let's clear a couple things up about the upcoming horror flick "The Thing." Firstly, it is NOT a remake of John Carpenter's 1982 sci-fi horror classic; in fact, it's a prequel that follows an international group of scientists who, while at a Norwegian outpost in Antarctica, discover an alien that is able to assume the physical identity of anything it touches. Secondly, while promoting the film at New York Comic Con, stars Joel Edgerton and Eric Christian Olsen told MTV News that purists can rest easy: The film won't be "the spring break version of 'The Thing.'"

MTV asked Edgerton and Olsen whether the film's two -- count 'em, two -- female cast members, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Kim Bubbs, were intimidated by the male-to-female ratio, and the actors replied by laughingly boasting of their own overabundance of masculinity. "This facial hair just screams testosterone," said Olsen, while Edgerton said his hair "just keeps going [all the way down my body]." That visual -- and a couple more jokes about their "feminine side" and on-set "crying and whimpering" -- aside, the two got semi-serious enough to talk about how the film will stack up to the expectations of fans of the original "Thing."

"I was a fan of the original film," said Edgerton. "I did check out a little bit of what the fans were blogging about. It seems like in this world of so many remakes and prequels the first response is, 'Don't even go there!' You guys are in trouble now because you're making the film.' And then they wait to see whether it's going to be any good."

One thing Edgerton found in his research was that fans seemed intent upon the fact that the film shouldn't even hint at any kind of romantic subplot. One fan went so far as to object to Winstead and Bubbs even being in the film because their presence might lead to a little mid-movie romance. "I remember one guy having this massive rant about, 'I can't believe you're putting a woman in this movie!'" laughed Edgerton. "It was like, 'Come on, guys. There's women, and we should put them in movies.' There's no problem with it."

"I believe that as long as you stay true to the original kind of template of the movie or the rules of the movie, then you do your own thing with it," said Edgerton. "I think what [the fans] are worried about is it was going to be the spring break version of 'The Thing'... and it's definitely not that."

"[Mary Elizabeth] is in a bikini for half the movie, she goes swimming by herself at night..." teased Olsen... to which Edgerton screamed: "Scientists gone wild!"

Are you psyched for "The Thing"? And would you be opposed to a little romance in the mix?