'Paranormal Activity 2' Fan Reactions: '10 Times Scarier Than The First One'

In the witching hours of Thursday morning, moviegoers emerged shaking and shaken from 20 theaters across North America. They'd just been treated to the first public screenings of "Paranormal Activity 2," and judging by their reactions, the film had terrified them to their very core.

Filmgoers at L.A.'s Arclight Theater told MTV News that the movie was "really scary," "better than the first one" and "ten times scarier than the first one." That's high praise considering last-year's super low-budget original (it cost a reported $11K to make) was considered so terrifying that it because a $107-million grossing hit.

"I'm just at a loss for words," said one fan. "That's just way worse than the first one, but good ... in a good way." Moviegoer Robert Eaves was so frightened that he had decided to ward off slumber "Nightmare on Elm Street"-style: "We're not going to sleep. Drink coffee, stay up tonight, watch some cartoons, but we're not going to sleep."

Do these reactions make you want to see the movie? Or have they scared you off? And, if you've seen the movie, how do you think it stacks up to the first and to other horror flicks? Tell us in the comments!