'Zoolander' Animated Series To Make Ben Stiller a Ridiculously Good-Looking Cartoon

ZoolanderDon't say we didn't call it. Barely a week after MTV's Josh Wigler suggested that a "Zoolander" cartoon series follow one being made about "Napoleon Dynamite," The New York Times reports that's exactly what's happening. Ben Stiller and his Red Hour Films production company are bringing the egocentric male supermodel from the 2001 comedy hit out of retirement for a series of animated digital shorts for the Web.

"It's just a way to say, 'Hey, let's go do a couple of little five-minute episodes as opposed to saying, 'Hey, let's pitch it to the studio and then let's have a fight over the budget for six months,'" Stiller told The New York Times.

Does this mean things aren't going well in "Zoolander" sequel land? Eight months ago we heard that "Zoolander 2" was definitely happening, with Stiller reprising his leading role and Jonah Hill intended as the film's villain. And, as recently as New York Comic-Con a couple weeks ago, co-writer Justin Theroux was saying that the script is "in good shape" and about to be submitted to the studio.

In other words, prospects for a "Zoolander 2" are still looking bright. In the interview with NYT, Stiller expressed his hope that the "Zoolander" cartoon and a live-action series called "Billy Glimmer: Entertainer of the Century" he's making could be turned into television series, feature films or online social games. It seems like a "Zoolander" cartoon could be Stiller's way of testing the waters to see if there's continued interest in the further adventures of Derek Zoolander and thus greasing the wheels with studio brass reluctant to green-light a sequel.

Stiller said he hopes to get Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell back to do some voice acting work for the shorts, but didn't spill any details about what the cartoon series' plot. We know "Zoolander 2" is supposed to take place 10 years after the first film, so maybe the shorts will show what happened during that time? At least if Stiller, Theroux and everyone else involved start to run out of ideas, we've had plenty of time to come up with our own. Until then, we're looking forward to seeing the animated version of "Blue Steel." Chances are it's beauuuuutiful.

Which would you rather see: a "Zoolander" cartoon series or "Zoolander 2"? Or both?