New 'TRON: Legacy' Poster Pays Homage To Original 'TRON' Poster

Tron Legacy posterBy Kristen Shalbinski

Calling all TRONerds! Yesterday, Walt Disney Pictures released a new poster for "TRON: Legacy," the sequel to the 1928 sci-fi classic "TRON," on Yahoo! yesterday... and it's giving us a little spat of déjà vu: You see, it not-so-subtly pays homage to its '82 predecessor.

Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde are the center of attention in this poster, with Hedlund’s hands reaching toward an identity disc. Sound familiar yet? Well, that's because it's the same iconic imagery showcased in the original "TRON" poster.

Of course, there are some differences, with the new "Legacy" poster illustrating just how much technology has advanced since 1982. The original "TRON" one-sheet is all black and we only see the silhouettes of TRON (Bruce Boxleitner) and Sori (Cindy Morgan) reaching for the identity disc. The "Legacy" poster, by contrast offers a crisp, up-close-and-personal view of the easy-on-the-eyes stars and a stunning visual of the entire ENCOM universe in the background. Thank goodness for advancements in CGI. Hit the jump to see both posters for yourself.

Tron Legacy poster

Tron poster

What do you think of the "Legacy" poster compared to its "Tron" predecessor? And are you psyched for "TRON: Legacy"? Tell us in the comments!