New 'Deathly Hallows' TV Spots Give Us Seven Potters, A Destroyed Horcrux And Much More!

Oh Warner Bros., you have outdone yourself yet again. Today we're greeted with eight new "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" TV spots that you've probably started to see on the small screen already. Surprisingly enough, there is new stuff to see from the film, even if it's only those little teases of dialogue we didn't realize we were missing so much from the full-length trailers until now. In other words, I'm telling you they did include that hilarious Fleur Delacour line from the seven Potters chapter.

Though there are eight TV spots in all, there were five in particular that really caught our eye. The other three tended to rehash footage we've already seen, but since we're nice, we've included all eight of them below.

The first two videos that we love -- "Only Hope" (above) and "Best Hope We Have" (below) -- feature the seven Potters heavily, and that's something we couldn't be happier about. Mad Eye Moody shows the bunch of Harry's friends a "particular brew," aka the Polyjuice potion, and then we get to see all of them after the transformation. Our favorite? Daniel Radcliffe in a bra, speaking as Fleur saying, "Look away, I'm hideous." "Best Hope" follows a familiar set-up, but this time we get to hear the twins Fred and George Weasley, disguised as Harry Potter, state, "Wow, we're identical." And this is why we love them. Plus both TV spots have a cute little Dobby moment at the end.

"Hang On" has a lot of the chase footage from early in the film that we've seen in the previous trailers, but it has two more Fred (or is it George?) moments that we couldn't resist adding to our list. First, they're "just trying to defuse the tension" and later on they defuse a different kind of tension when they're in the kitchen while Harry and Ginny share a goodbye kiss. At least it wasn't Ron, though.

There are only two things we really needed to see in "Nowhere Left" that had us sold: Snape and Dementors. The focus of this spot in on how the Death Eaters have infliltrated the Ministry of Magic, but it also has the brilliant juxtaposition of Ron asking "Is there no one we can trust?" and then cutting to an image of Snape. Hmm, wonder what conflict that's implying.

And then there's the similarly titled "Nowhere To Hide" that ends with a bang -- literally. After all that buildup to Ron destroying the locket Horcrux that we've seen in the other trailers, now when Harry yells, "Ron, kill it!" we actually get to see the explosion of darkness that results when they destroy a piece of Voldemort's soul!

The three other TV spots -- entitled "Final Battle," "They Are Coming" and "Dark Times" -- are below.

Which of the TV spots is your favorite and why? Tell us in the comments!