Sigourney Weaver Teases Her Return In 'Avatar' Sequel

Sigourney WeaverAlready a science fiction icon thanks to her role in the "Aliens" franchise, Sigourney Weaver added another notch to her sci-fi belt with "Avatar," bringing all of the intellect, warmth, humor and gravitas we've come to expect from the actress to her portrayal of Dr. Grace Augustine, a scientist studying the flora and fauna of Pandora.

But sadly, Grace was one of the many characters who didn't make it to the end of "Avatar," leaving one to assume that Weaver would not have a role to play in the eventual "Avatar" sequels. But you know what they say about assumptions — and if you don't, Weaver is here to remind you.

"It's always a mistake in science fiction to make these judgments on the dead," Weaver coyly told MTV News during a phone interview this weekend. Should we take that to mean that Grace hasn't slipped into the great beyond with Eywa just yet?

"You didn't really see her die," she said. "What you saw was... something happen. I think that [James Cameron] wants all of this to be a surprise, but don't buy the funeral wreath quite yet."

We certainly won't, Ms. Weaver, if that means we've got an opportunity to spend more time with you on Pandora! Whether or not she's involved with the sequels, Weaver has given some thought to the "Avatar" franchise and where she would like to see the story go.

"I think that the challenges to Pandora will continue," she said. "I do think that humans will be back. I also think that maybe we'll get more of a chance to live a Na'vi life. I think we want to be in that world and I, for one, would love to be a Thanator in that world! I just think we have a big appetite for going back there, and I know that Jim will do everything he can to satisfy us and take it to even more parts of Pandora that we don't even know exist yet."

For now, fans hoping for Grace's return can enjoy a solid consolation prize: The character has plenty of screen time in the over 45 minutes of deleted scenes featured in the "Avatar" Extended Collector's Edition hitting Blu-ray and DVD on November 16.

"There are quite a few scenes with Grace," she said. "You get to see more of the relationship between Grace and Jake, developing their conversations and her mentoring of him. When [Cameron] cut the film, the relationship worked so well that you didn't need a lot of the verbiage [between Jake and Grace]. But I think a lot of the verbiage was actually interesting and has more of Grace's history in it and her concerns for Jake's situation, what he's doing, and just their fondness for each other. More of the relationship is in the DVD."

Do you think Grace still has a fighting chance? Are you excited for the character's extra scenes in the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release? Let us know what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!