'Jackass 3D': How Much Did That Jet Stunt Cost?

"Jackass 3D" shattered expectations this weekend with a $50 million opening frame, setting the record for biggest October opening ever, and it did so on the relatively minuscule reported budget of $20 million. Most of the film's stunts are low-tech to be sure: It doesn't cost much to have a bison charge headfirst into Johnny Knoxville's man parts... or for Steve-O and Dave England to play tetherball with a buzzing beehive... or for the group to "duck-hunt" one of their own with BB guns. But some of the sequences seem like they could be a bit on the expensive side, especially when you factor in resulting hospital bills.

One such scene depicts Ryan Dunn sitting in a rather comfy leather chair as an L-39 fighter jet fires up its engines directly in front of him. What starts off as a strong breeze gradually builds to end-of-the-world hurricane-type winds that launch Dunn from his chair and send him rolling backward like a rag doll. That's just the beginning, as subsequent experiments included jackasses wandering into the jet stream while wearing a base-jumping wing suit and carrying a waiter's tray piled with food.

We wondered how much it might cost to reenact such a sequence (you know, in case we wanted to try in our spare time), so we dug in and did some research. Check out the results after the jump.

First up is the matter of the private jet rental. For rental quotes here we hit up Blue Star Jets. Rentals start at $1,550 per hour so, assuming it took three hours to film the sequence, that comes out to $4,650 for the jet. Not bad.

We found a leather chair similar to the one in the film at Target.com for the bargain price of $313. Again, not too steep.

And, believe it or not, according to the Texas Wingsuit Academy, wingsuit rentals are just 10 bucks a day.

The waiter's tray is a bit harder to gauge, so let's just call that an even hundred clams.

All in all, that comes to a grand total of $5,073. So if you've got an extra five grand lying around, some seriously airtight health insurance, and a few screws loose in your skull, you can recreate this scene... though we definitely do not recommend doing so. You're better off saving the $5K and springing for an $18 ticket to see the movie in 3-D.

In summary...

Jet rental: $4,650

Black leather chair: $313

Getting blown off said chair by a fighter jet: priceless.

What did you think of this scene in "Jackass"? What was your favorite stunt in the movie? Tell us in the comments!