Bo Burnham Cites Zach Galifianakis, Steve Martin, Fart Jokes As 'Words, Words, Words' Inspiration

Rising comedic talent Bo Burnham is definitely on the upside these days. Aside from working with Judd Apatow recently, the 20-year-old funnyman is set to premiere his Comedy Central special, "Words, Words, Words" on Saturday night. And, he promises that the special will feature an eclectic bag of jokes.

"It’s a lot of stuff. It's got songs. Now it has poetry and stand-up and beat poems and haikus and one sonnet and some jokes. It's just basically gags all over the place," he revealed to MTV News. "There's like one or two jokes I made a little bit bigger [for the special] because I had a bigger production value behind it. When they commission that hour they're sort of like, 'No, you do your thing.' I had to rewrite some jokes for the censors maybe."

Bo made a name for himself thanks to piano-driven jokes that he put up on YouTube, and he admits that some of his favorite comedians are also musicians. "Steve Martin's early stuff, Steve Martin's 'Let's Get Small'… his first CD is incredible. That’s the person I'm probably trying to be most like in the sense of like getting on stage and being a bit like nihilism in the sense of not really believing in anything," he explained before name-checking Zach Galifianakis' 'Live at the Purple Onion' as another notable place of inspiration for his stand-up.

"I really like silly stuff and I think people try to be sometimes too meaningful and you don’t really need to be," he explained. "I think everyone else is trying to tell us what to do all day and stand-up should make… fart jokes."