Jim Carrey And Ewan McGregor Flaunt Their Love In The 'I Love You Phillip Morris' Poster

I Love You Phillip Morris posterIt's safe to assume that in the long history of the world, more than a few people have busted out of prison to be reunited with the person they love. It's also safe to assume that the number of times the aforementioned "person they love" was the (now-freed) cellmate they met in the stir is considerably lower (we don't have the statistics or anything; we're just saying...).

That's exactly the case in "I Love You Phillip Morris," a Jim Carrey-Ewan McGregor comedy that -- believe it or not -- is based on the real-life story of conman Steven Russell (Carrey) who met his soul-mate Phillip Morris (McGregor) while in jail and, when Morris was released, escaped from the slammer on four separate occasions in order to be with him. Sweet, huh? Check out the poster after the jump.

I Love You Phillip Morris poster

Though the buzz on this flick is pretty good -- and we're digging the humorous poster -- it's been inexplicably sitting on the shelf for a while now. Thankfully, "I Love You Phillip Morris" will bust out in a big way this holiday season, opening in select theaters on December 3 and then expanding throughout the month.

What do you think of the poster? And are you psyched for the movie? Tell us in the comments!