'Megamind' First Five Minutes: This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Will Ferrell-Brad Pitt Rivalry

What sets "Megamind" apart from this year's earlier villain-as-hero animated flick, "Despicable Me?" After all, they both follow an evil mastermind as he learns that evil might not be so great after all, and they both have minions. But you know what "Despicable Me" doesn't have? A Will Ferrell voice over, that's what.

So yes, the two films seem on the surface to be very similar, but judging by the first five minutes of the movie that have hit the web courtesy of Nickelodeon, "Megamind" has a definite charm that should win over the same audience that made "Despicable Me" a not-so-despicable hit.

The intro of the film follows the titular villain as he is sent away from his home world by his parents, who then die as their planet is sucked into a black hole. Some parents from a nearby planet that is also soon-to-be destroyed send away their son for the same reason, and thus begins the long-lasting rivalry between Megamind (Ferrell) and the Superman-esque Metro Man (Brad Pitt.

But it's Ferrell's commentary as Megamind narrates his youth -- he ends up being raised by prison inmates which is why he ends up so deftly schooled in the mores of villainy -- that makes the film so humorous. From what I've seen at Comic-Con, the film goes the unexpected route fairly quickly, but as long as Ferrell's G-rated humor remains the same, "Megamind" looks to be a film well worth seeing.

What did you think of the first five minutes of footage? Does the video make you want to see the movie? Let us know in the comments!