'Back To The Future' Memorabilia: Check Out Bob Gale's Mr. Fusion Lamp!

Mr. Fusion LampLike anyone with a pulse, I am obsessed with "Back to the Future." Whenever I find myself interviewing someone connected to the trilogy, I'm forced to ditch my reporter's hat and morph into a nerdy 8-year-old, probing for juicy info about one of my favorite movies of all time.

In April of '09, I was chatting with Michael Lantieri (a special effects wizard whose credits include "Jurassic Park" and "Hulk") and, though the topic of the day was "Alice in Wonderland," I had to hit him up about his time working magic on all three "BTTF" flicks. He told me he still has a few of those pink Mattel hoverboards in his garage and that Bob Gale, the trilogy's co-writer, has a Mr. Fusion lamp that Lantieri himself put together in 1990 (if you don't know what a Mr. Fusion is, shame on you... now go rent the movies ASAP; or better yet, pre-order the 25th anniversary box set, which hits stores on October 26).

Flash-forward to yesterday, when I had the chance to talk with Gale about the upcoming silver anniversary edition. I had to ask: Does he still have the Mr. Fusion lamp? Yes, yes he does. And Gale offered to email me a few photos (one of which includes cool Swedish and Japanese "BTTF" posters). I couldn't be happier than to publish them now on MTV Movies Blog. Thanks, Bob! Check out one photo above and two bigger pics after the jump.

Mr. Fusion lamp

Mr. Fusion lamp

What do you think of Bob's Mr. Fusion lamp? And what piece of "Back to the Future" memorabilia do you wish you owned? Tell us in the comments!