James Cameron May Direct 3-D 'Cleopatra' Epic Starring Angelina Jolie: Does This Affect 'Avatar 2'?

James CameronIt's not set in stone, but file this possibility under highly likely. Deadline is reporting that James Cameron is looking to direct a 3-D version of "Cleopatra" starring Angelina Jolie for Sony Pictures. It's the one project Cameron is seriously mulling in addition to the "Avatar sequel."

What has Cameron's interest so piqued is that Bran Helgeland has reportedly written a killer script, causing Sony to fast-track the PG-13 project. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Jolie is attached to play the female pharaoh. On top of that, Sony is looking to get Brad Pitt involved to play Mark Antony the same way Richard Burton did opposite his lover Elizabeth Burton in the famous 1963 version.

It's obvious why the studio is eager for Jolie to tackle the part, considering she has expressed her interest in the project numerous times in the past. Sony told Deadline that Jolie "knows she was born to play this part" and that this film is her "'Gone With The Wind' epic." By bringing Cameron into the mix, Sony is trying to alleviate the risk that accompanies bringing a film of this size and scope to the big screen.

But what does this mean for the "Avatar" sequel? As of right now, probably not too much. Despite what Deadline says, Cameron's involvement seems to be very tentative. The bigger draw to the film is Jolie, who still isn't on board, and it can be assumed that Cameron won't come on board unless she does.

So for now it seems like "Avatar 2" is still all engines go. But still, Cameron hasn't done a historical epic before (unless you count "Titanic" as one), so it would be cool to see what he can do with one, especially using his trademark 3-D awesomeness.

Do you think Cameron is the right man to direct "Cleopatra"? And would you rather he direct it before or after "Avatar 2"?