'Welcome To The Rileys' International Trailer: Kristen Stewart Strips, Finds A Home With James Gandolfini

Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the RileysIt's a tale as old as time. A distraught man fighting to keep his marriage together after the death of his child runs away to New Orleans, meets a stripper and begins treating her like the daughter he lost. And from there, emotions run high.

In the newly released international trailer for the Kristen Stewart drama "Welcome to the Rileys" -- which also stars James Gandolfini as the aforementioned distraught man, Doug Riley, and Melissa Leo as his equally struggling wife -- fans get a taste of the drama that unfolds when lost souls try to connect emotionally. The trailer does prove two things: When she's not working with a "Twilight" script, Stewart has some keen acting skills... and she's also not afraid to bare a little skin when the material calls for it (she does play a stripper, after all).

So aside from her sultry dance scenes, what juicy moments does K-Stew get in the Jake Scott-directed flick? Well, at one point in the trailer she shouts: "You're not my f**ing mom!" Geeze we're not in Forks, Washington, anymore kids! And, in case the fact that she's an F-bomb-dropping stripper didn't clinch it, she makes sure Gandolfini, Leo, et al. know that she's "not anyone's little girl!" No kidding, sweetheart.

The film opens in limited release in the U.S. on October 29 and opens wide on November 5. Stewart has been open about playing a stripper in the flick and wants her "Twilight" fans to know that they shouldn’t be scared away by the film's heavy storyline.

"This... was different from any movie that I've done," she told MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival, where the film premiered in January. "How do you describe a feeling? I don't know. It just felt so completely right to be telling this story with [director Jake Scott] and [Melissa Leo] and Jim [Gandolfini], and that's different to any acting I've ever done."