Rose McGowan And Rachel Nichols Go Barbaric In New 'Conan' Photos

Rachel NicholsThe pictures we've seen of "Conan" so far seem to prove beyond a doubt that the reboot starring Jason Momoa has the potential for greatness, and that Momoa definitely has the look to step into Arnold Schwarzenegger's sandals as the epic barbarian. New images that have hit the net courtesy of Bleeding Cool give us our first glimpse the film's leading ladies, Rose McGowan and Rachel Nichols, as well as a look at some of the action set pieces. [Check out the photos on Bleeding Cool.]

McGowan, who plays half-human, half-witch Marique, definitely looks unlike we've seen her before. The images are a bit too tiny to clearly make out the details, but in one pic McGowan can be seen lying on a bed with her red-and-black hair pulled tightly back. There's a better shot of her from behind, which shows her leading soldiers into a ruined city.

There's only one photo of Nichols, but it's much clearer than the two of McGowan. This is the first good look at Tamara, Conan's love interest, and the demure photo hints that she's probably of high social standing and not likely to remove that elaborate head piece (are those curtains on it?) and become an action heroine; we'll bet her "action scenes" are relegated to the boudoir.

But the set pieces alone are enough to prove that the tone of "Conan" is in the right place. Now, if only we can get some better shots of Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman...

What do you think of these new photos of "Conan"? Do you they make you want to see the movie?