Adrien Brody Gets 'Wrecked': Exclusive Trailer!

Adrien Brody seems to have an uncanny knack for getting knocked unconscious and waking up in dangerous, heavily wooded areas... at least in his movies. In this summer's "Predators," he came to while plummeting through the air en route to a rendezvous with a jungle crawling with dread-locked aliens. And in the new trailer for "Wrecked," debuting EXCLUSIVELY on MTV, the Oscar winner awakes in a car at the bottom of a ravine with the wilderness and a bunch of dead people surrounding him.

The kicker: He's got no memory of who he is or how he got there, and -- wouldn't you know it? -- his leg is all kinds of broken. Things only get better (oh, right, worse) from there, as a radio newsflash helps Brody's character figure out that his name is Raymond... and he's being hunted by authorities in connection with a bank heist gone deadly wrong.

As Raymond tries to puzzle out exactly who he is and what he's done, he struggles to survive hunger (by noshing on some ants and raw fish), attack by mountain lion, sniper fire from an unidentified party, and it seems the loss of his own mind. It's kind of like "Memento" told chronologically, with some delusions thrown in for good measure.

It's not exactly clear what is real and what is a product of Raymond's imagination -- but that's completely refreshing, not to mention tantalizing. After all, the purpose of a trailer is to make the viewer want to see the movie, not to divulge the entire plot. By that criteria, this puppy is a winner.

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