Clint Eastwood Denies Joaquin Phoenix's Involvement In 'Hoover,' Asks 'Didn't He Become A Rapper?'

Clint EastwoodWould playing Leonardo DiCaprio's on-screen lover in Clint Eastwood's "Hoover" have been enough to resurrectJoaquin Phoenix's still-tarnished film career? Maybe... but unfortunately we'll never know.

During an interview with Reuters, Eastwood emphatically denied Phoenix was in contention for the role of Clyde Tolson in the biopic on J. Edgar Hoover.

"No. I don't know where that came from," Eastwood said. "Didn't he become a rapper?"

Sort of... but not really, as we all discovered when Casey Affleck revealed that "I'm Still Here" was a hoax. But it still is a bit of a disappointment that Phoenix's mutilation of his own career for the sake of Affleck's doc potentially contributed to his not getting what would have been a great role.

There is a silver lining to the interview, though, as Eastwood completely confirmed that DiCaprio was in for the role of Hoover. "It's a great role for him," he said, adding that contracts are in the process of being signed.

Eastwood said that he was the right person to make the film because he was alive while Hoover was in the height of his power, when there were "comic books with him on the cover with machine guns and all that."

"He is a fascinating character, and I think I am the right person to do it, not because I knew him or anything, but I did grow up with him," Eastwood said. "He was a very complex person. The homosexual aspect is just one of many. I would say that's the least of his problems. But he was also very clever, whether rightfully or wrongfully, he was very clever about keeping himself in a certain position in life, so it is an interesting study."

Are you disappointed that Phoenix is not playing Clyde Tolson? Who would you like to see for the role?