Eric Bana Talks 'Avengers' Envy, Mark Ruffalo's Hulk

FROM MTV SPLASH PAGE: After the cast of "The Avengers" assembled for the first time at Comic-Con in July — Marvel vets like Robert Downey Jr. standing with newbies such as Mark Ruffalo — a former superhero might have been thinking, "Man, that could've been me…"

Before Ruffalo was tapped to play the Hulk — and before Ed Norton played the green-skinned Goliath in 2008 — Eric Bana owned the role. But the Ang Lee-directed film in which Bana starred never took off at the box office in 2003, the part was recast, and years later the actor admits he could end up being envious of what Ruffalo and his cast mates will get to enjoy.

"Only if they have a lot of fun," he explained while at New York Comic Con promoting the thriller, "Hanna." "The obvious potential there is those movies can be a lot of fun to make. But then sometimes they're not. I would be jealous if it turns out they just go off and have a good time." Read more...