New 'Dilemma' Trailer: No Gay Jokes For Vince Vaughn

The teaser trailer for the Vince Vaughn-Kevin James comedy "The Dilemma" caused quite an uproar recently, when Anderson Cooper and Ellen DeGeneres voiced their objections to footage in which Vaughn's character uses the word "gay" in a derogatory fashion. Wisely, Universal Pictures issued a public mea culpa, stating: "The teaser trailer for 'The Dilemma' was not intended to cause anyone discomfort. In light of growing claims that the introduction to the trailer is insensitive, it is being replaced."

True to their word, Universal has yanked the teaser and released a three-minute-long theatrical trailer that is 100 percent free of gay jokes, apparently having replaced them with the plot of the entire movie. Yep, while it is entertaining -- we especially like (and simultaneously are made uncomfortable by) the part where Queen Latifah talks about getting intimate with the hood of a car -- the trailer gives away quite a bit about where the movie's going.

In a nutshell, here's what the trailer tells us: Vaughn and James play best pals whose bromance is jeopardized when Vaughn witnesses James' wife (Winona Ryder) getting it on with a younger, more "G.I. Joe"-looking guy (Channing Tatum) and must decide whether to tell his buddy.

It's not an earth-shattering premise, but it is a good platform to showcase the comedic chemistry between Vaughn and James. Plus, Ron Howard took a break from Oscar-worthy dramas and Dan Brown adaptations to direct his first feature-length comedy in years, so we're hoping for something along the lines of "Splash," "Parenthood" or, fingers crossed, "Arrested Development." We'll find out if that's what we get when "The Dilemma" hits theaters on January 14, 2011.

Was the gay joke in "The Dilemma" teaser trailer in poor taste? What do you think of the new trailer? Tell us in the comments!

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