NYCC 2010: Adrien Brody Talks 'Predators' Sequel

When studio execs green light a movie like "Predators," they're usually not thinking of it as a one-off; they've got franchise on the mind... which is why it was no surprise that the ending of this summer's man-vs.-alien reboot left the door wide freaking open for a sequel (or sequels).

"I think it's done well enough to justify [a sequel] for sure," star Adrien Brody told MTV News while promoting the movie's DVD release at New York Comic Con. It would seem that it has. The film cost a reported $45 million to make, and raked in $52.9 million domestically and $125 mil worldwide.

"I think the goal initially was to make a film that is worthy of [a franchise]," Brody said. "The film is even structured that way... to kick in for another one. I'd be excited. I'd be excited to do it. I think that was part of the allure."

Brody, however, says that he and director Nimrod Antal haven't yet discussed "Predators 2" in any rock-solid terms. "Never really. We had a lot of work set out for us... Unless it's concrete, unless you already have the specific agenda, you've got to focus all your energy on a day-by-day-by-day basis on overcoming the obstacles that present themselves to you every day. And I was in the gym every day after work and forcing myself to eat, so I wasn't really hanging out."

So long as the sequel includes that Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo Brody was telling us about the other day, we're happy.

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