Naomi Watts Isn't In 'Eastern Promises 2': MTV News Exclusive

If you ever entertained thoughts that it might be Naomi Watts -- and not Viggo Mortensen -- engaging in a nude spa fight in "Eastern Promises 2," you probably want to go ahead and manage those expectations. "Eastern Promises" director David Cronenberg revealed last March that a sequel to his 2007 crime thriller is indeed in the works, but sadly Ms. Watts will not be reprising her role as Anna, the London midwife whose discovery of an implicating diary put her in the cross hairs of the Russian mob.

We heard as much from Watts herself when we caught up with the actress to chat about her upcoming Valerie Plame film "Fair Game." "I don't think I'm in it," Watts laughed when asked if she'd read the "Eastern Promises 2" script. "Nobody called, so I guess they recast or maybe created a new role for a more attractive, younger girl."

What's more likely is that Watts' character simply didn't jibe with the story Cronenberg and writer Steven Knight hatched. What we do know is that Mortensen is definitely all in for the sequel, and the movie will likely use the original film's final revelation -- that his Viggo's gangster Nikolai was actually a Federal Security Service agent working with the British government -- as a jumping-off point. No word yet on a spa-fight reprisal. Sorry, ladies.

Will you still see "Eastern Promises 2" if Watts isn't in it? Tell us in the comments!