Chelsea Handler And 50 Cent: What Movie Are They Working On Together?

When Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were spotted enjoying each others' company at a New Orleans jazz club this past weekend, rumors that the comedian and rapper-actor were dating came fast and furious. Just as fast (but not quite so furious) came Handler's denial via Twitter (naturally) that she and Fiddy were an item. "Everyone, calm down," she tweeted on Wednesday night. "I met with Mr. Cent about a potential project. There's nothing to report yet, I'll let you know if there is."

Honestly, we really don't care whether Handler and, um, Mr. Cent are dating -- if they are, more power to 'em -- but the idea of them teaming up for a "potential project" is utterly fascinating. Could it be a music video? A duet? Or -- and please let this be the case -- a movie? If it is a movie, would it be a comedy, drama, romance, actioner or... erotic thriller? Whatever the case, we've got a few ideas for movie remakes -- from "Batman & Robin" (seriously, they'd be awesome as the dynamic duo) to "Pulp Fiction" (can't you just see Handler playing an assassin who gets killed while on the toilet?) -- that would suit the two of them just smashingly.

Click on the photo below for a gallery of our picks, then hit the comments to share your own!

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent in Pulp Fiction