Ben Affleck: Matt Damon May Direct Yankees Movie 'The Trade'

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck"Good Will Hunting" reunion, baby! How would you like them apples?

Hopefully, you wouldn't mind 'em... because it looks like "Hunting" co-stars and real-life best buds Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, along with Ben's younger bro Casey Affleck, are indeed reteaming to make "The Trade," a based-on-real-life tale of Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, two 1970s Yankees pitchers who swapped wives (classy, fellas).

News that Damon and Affleck might join forces for the film first broke back in February, when Deadline revealed that the pals would potentially don the pinstripes to star as the two pitchers, with Affleck directing from a script by "Curb Your Enthusiasm" exec producer David Mandel.

When MTV News caught up with the elder Affleck at the junket for his stellar heist thriller "The Town," however, Ben imparted that while all three are most definitely still involved in the project, some of the specifics have changed. For instance? The Affleck brothers are currently collaborating on a rewrite of the script, they're not sure who'll be playing the spouse-swapping hurlers, and, perhaps most interestingly, Damon might direct the thing.

"I don't know how it'll come together, acting and directing, but Casey and I have decided to write it together," Affleck said. "Once the script's kind of ready, then it's like: Who's doing what? What's the time frame? Matt, me, Casey directing? Particularly for Matt, he's had this extraordinary career where he's worked with these great directors. He's a great director who just hasn't directed a movie."

Both Afflecks, on the other hand, have directed. Ben has won raves for his two behind-the-camera efforts, "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town," and Casey generated a ton of buzz with his Joaquin Phoenix pseudo-documentary "I'm Still Here." So yeah, we're kind of hoping Damon makes his directorial debut with "The Trade." As Affleck told us, Damon has had what amounts to "the world's greatest apprenticeship," so it would be interesting to see what he's learned from Scorsese, Greengrass, et al.

In fact, the only thing more interesting than Damon directing the movie is that a trio of diehard Boston Red Sox fans are so intent up making a film about their arch-nemesis New York Yankees. Then again, the movie is about the Yanks being wife-swapping swingers in the '60s and not about their utter dominance of the Sox (sorry, Yankees fan), so it kind of makes sense.

"I've come to have a little more respect for the Yankees. There are some of those guys, I have to say, that look like good guys," Ben admitted. Of course, he quickly added, "But as an institution? Disdain. Contempt." As for the movie's subject matter, he laughs: "We couldn't talk about... and Jeter has another great year! Nope. Guys f---ing each others' wives -- that's those Yankees."

Should Damon make "The Trade" his directorial debut? And are three Red Sox fans the right guys to be making a movie about the Yanks? Let us know in the comments!