Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga and Other Celebs: What They'd Look Like as 'Superman' Villain Zod

Kristen StewartBy now, you've no doubt heard that "300" helmer Zach Snyder has been confirmed as director of the Christopher Nolan-produced "Superman" reboot. You may also be privy to the rumors that Zod (aka the Kryptonian villain from "Superman 2") will be the film's big bad. What may have escaped your unfailing attention to detail, however, is that Zod was reintroduced to pop culture in a big way back on June 28, 2010.

That's when Kristen Stewart raided the Zodster's closet to clothe herself for an appearance on the "The Late Show With David Letterman" (see photo). OK, we jest. Kristen does look quite fetching -- if a little Zod-esque -- in the outfit.

She got us thinking: What would other celebrities look like as Zod? To satisfy our curiosity, we've put together a little gallery of well-known folks -- from Lady Gaga to Jude Law (who looks a hell of a lot like the original Zod, Terence Stamp) to Justin Bieber -- sporting Zod's all-black ensemble and even his eeevil facial hair. The results, we must say, are interesting.

Check out a pic of Gaga-as-Zod after the jump, then click on the image to see our full Celebrity Zod photo gallery.

Lady Gaga as Zod

Who do you think would make the most convincing Zod?