'My Soul To Take' Clips Offer A Bloody Taste of Wes Craven's Latest

This Friday, "My Soul to Take" hits theaters in 3-D, giving Wes Craven fans a horror fix until the legendary horror director's "Scream 4" bows next April.

The film, Craven's first writer-director effort since 1994's "The New Nightmare" (yes, that was a long time ago), tells of the Riverton Ripper, a fabled serial killer with multiple personalities (only one of them a cold-blooded killer who takes pleasure in gutting people) who swore he would one day return to murder the seven children born the night he died. On the 16th anniversary of his death, dude starts to do exactly that. Thing is, one of the kids -- the Riverton Seven, as they're called -- might be the Ripper reincarnated. Twist!

If you're jonesing so badly that you can't wait until Friday to sate your big-screen blood-lust, check out the "My Soul to Take" clip show we've embedded for your viewing pleasure, then hit the comments to tell us whether you're psyched for the film.