Jeff Bridges And Matt Damon Blow Us Away In New 'True Grit' Trailer

The teaser trailer for the Coen brothers' update of the 1969 John Wayne Western "True Grit" was plenty awesome in its own right, but the twice-as-long theatrical trailer that debuted today on Yahoo! just plain kills it.

Whereas the first trailer was as short on words as a steely-eyed gun-slinging drifter, the new one features some stellar Coen-scripted banter between Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges.

It also reveals more of the plot. We knew from the teaser is that Damon and Bridges play badass Texas Ranger LaBeouf and one-eyed, trigger happy U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn, respectively -- a mismatched pair that teams up with 14-year-old Mattie (newcomer Hailee Steinfeld) to bring her father's killer Chaney (Josh Brolin) to justice. What we learn this time around is that Chaney then kidnaps Mattie, adding a new sense of urgency to the film.

As the trailer not-too-subtly hints, there will be blood and plenty of shoot-'em-up action -- the perfect side dishes for some Damon-Bridges banter, in our humble opinion. In short, the new trailer is an all-around fantastic watch, and the movie looks to be a strong awards contender.

Are you as psyched for "True Grit" as you were for the Coen Bros.' last foray into the Western genre, "No Country for Old Men"? Sound off below, Friend-o.