Olivia Wilde Is Justin Timberlake's Mom -- Yes, Really!

Olivia WildeOlivia Wilde, beautiful though she may be, doesn't quite qualify for MILF status — not in reality, that is. But in director Andrew Niccol's upcoming futuristic thriller, previously titled "I'm.mortal," she's going to be the hottest mom on the block.

The Wrap reports that Wilde is taking a role in Niccol's movie about a society where aging ceases at 25 and time has become a currency, leaving the rich immortal and the lower classes without much hope for survival. But the real kicker about Wilde's involvement is her function in the story — she's the mother of "The Social Network" star and world renown bringer-back of sexy, Justin Timberlake.

That's right: not a girlfriend, not a wife, not a sibling, not a distant cousin. Wilde is the mommy to Timberlake's runaway rebel, despite the fact that she's three years younger than the actor and pop sensation.

It's not the strangest mother-son casting that I can think of, honestly. On that scale, Wilde-Timberlake falls somewhere between Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell in "Alexander" and Marisa Tomei and Jonah Hill in "Cyrus." Okay, perhaps it's a bit weirder than both of those, but definitely not as weird as Oedipus Rex. Seriously, that Sophocles was one strange dude.

As with most things, it's all a matter of execution — with the proper story and setting, Wilde as Timberlake's mom could actually work quite well. Besides, Wilde isn't in entirely unusual company, as "Mad Men" star Vincent Kartheiser also appears in the film as the father to Amanda Seyfried's character, despite there being a seven year difference between them.

If nothing else, it looks like the feature film formerly known as "I'm.mortal" is shaping up to have some seriously wacky parental issues — but as long as Wilde is involved, I don't expect there to be too many complaints.

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