Todd Phillips On 'The Hangover 2': Bangkok, Here We Come!

The HangoverFinally, there's some news on the upcoming sequel to "The Hangover" that isn't just the stars teasing us with information. Will "The Hangover 2" actually take place in outer space? Probably not. But director Todd Phillips did at least confirm to Empire that the film will partially be set in Bangkok.

"It takes place in Bangkok and L.A.," he teases. "There's gonna be some f--ked-up surprises."

That means that, yes, both Mr. Chow and (possibly) Mike Tyson's tiger will return in their natural habitat in the upcoming sequel, which is set to start filming later this month. Phillips confirms that Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper, as well asKen Jeong, will be back for more insanity.

But where's Justin Bartha in this mix? And what does the major change in location mean for the film? Well, it could mean that a certain other engagement that was foreshadowed at the end of "The Hangover" (yes, we are alluding to Helms' Stu and Heather Graham's Jade) is being celebrated in this film, and since Bartha's Doug is now happily married, he decides to skip out on the bachelor party. Maybe things get so crazy that the gang end up sobering up in Bangkok and they need to figure out how they got there and how they plan on getting back -- kind of like an R-rated "Home Alone 2"?

Or, as is likely the case, Phillips has come up with something so absolutely insane that we don't have a prayer of predicting what it might be. Who's to say "The Hangover 2" will even follow the bachelor party formula the first one did? That's why we still aren't ruling out the gang heading to space ... because if we've learned anything so far, it's that anything goes in Phillips' universe.

Are you surprised that the film is being set in Bangkok? Do our plot guesses sound accurate to you?